Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to use Inspectivize ?

For those looking for an inspection, our service is free. With Inspectivize you can find the inspectors you need instantly without making a call. Once you have selected the company you want to conduct the inspection, we do require you to pay for your inspection through our secure app to ensure there is no haggling so you can be confident you are not being taken advantage of. There will be a hold on the payment until the inspection is complete. Once it is finished, the respective company will receive the payment. In the event your inspection does not take place, your money will be returned to your account.

Are the inspectors all individually licensed in their respective states?

Yes. Before Inspectivize accepts an inspection company and their inspectors onto the platform, they go through a screening process to insure they meet industry standards and are properly licensed, accredited, and or insured according to their respective states.

Are the inspectors a part of the Inspectivize company?

No. The companies on Inspectivize are all individually licensed business whom we connect you to through the Inspectivize platform.

How does Inspectivize help me book my inspections?

Inspectivize does the research for you. We only allow companies on our platform that meet all industry standards for their state. All you have to do is let us know what you need and when you need it and basic information about the property. We will let you know who is available and you select the company you want. From there we instantly book your inspection for you.